Vicki G

What an awesome Journey! Let me start by saying I am 68 years old and have dieted or tried to diet for most of my life. It’s not easy for a person who is “destined to be fluffy”.

When I started working with Brian, he very early and caringly made me realize it not about dieting, its about making life-changing habits in small steps. And, its really surprisingly easy once you start the process.

I have a 50-year high school reunion coming up and naturally, I want to look and feel the best I can. Also, my health is very important to me because, as you age, it can deteriorate more quickly if not addressed regularly. With the help of Brians coaching, I feel healthier and I will be proud of how I look at the reunion.

Thank you Brian! You not only helped me to make better food choices without feeling deprived, but you also addressed several important aspects of good health and overall happiness. Life is so much better with the guidance you have given me.