Laurie C.

I began my journey with Monica 3/7/19 and what a blessing it has been!

My total cholesterol at the beginning was 264, my LDL was 198, and my HDL was 66. My ratio was 4.0. Three months later my total cholesterol is 229, my LDL is 150, my HDL is 69, and my ratio is 3.3.

Monica’s guidance, encouragement, reassurance when I didn’t do well some weeks, and knowledge helped me attain not only my goal weight but, a few pounds less. The things I have learned about food, digestion, and emotions have been life changing.

I have not only been able to become healthier myself, I’ve been able to help my family eat better and be healthier with me. The bonus I received is an amazing new friend! I’m so thankful for Monica, Brian, and Life Fit Love!

Do yourself and your family a favor, contact them and let them help you on your journey to better health! You won’t be sorry!