Denni F

This is not a diet. I was skeptical at first. I was sure I would fail. I never expected any big results. I thought I would lose a couple of pounds and feel deprived doing it. I was sure I would have to eat food I didn’t like and do boring exercises.

I learned this was a mindset. This was 90 days of learning to change my habits and my views regarding food, health, body image, and attitude. I learned to ask myself, “ Is this helping me to be and feel healthy and is this serving my body well in this moment?” Brian asked what my goals were. I wanted to feel strong, and healthy. I was also motivated by my fear of cancer returning if I didn’t get control of my health. I knew what I needed to do but never seemed to succeed in getting there. Then he asked WHY those goals were important to me. Then he taught me how to reach those goals with baby steps, encouraging, coaching and acknowledging my accomplishments no matter how small.

When I had setbacks (eating Ruffles potatoes chips after an extremely bad day), Brian used it as a positive coaching lesson to invite me to look at the reason I thought those potato chips would make my day better. They didn’t. He taught me how to handle stress in a healthy way. Through his teaching and coaching, I realized how many of my thoughts were self sabotaging. He taught me to look at my perceived weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Another roadblock for me was, I hate cooking. I am not creative in the kitchen and I usually do not like the taste of my own cooking. Brian did not tell me anything was off limits but I dint want to fail, so, with his encouragement I learned to make simple delicious Mels that were quick and healthy. Through his coaching I learned how to meal plan and work through potentially sabotaging situations. I also learned to distinguish between true hunger and emotional hunger.

My story is a success story thanks to Brian and his program. I feel better than I have in years, I learned to love my body and what it does and can do for me. I accomplished my weight loss goal of 16 pounds and I am no longer uncomfortable in my clothes. Being and feeling positive, healthy and energetic is a lifelong goal. This program is not a diet for me, its a mindset.

Thank you Brian for your enthusiasm, your awesome coaching skills, and for believing in me.