I decided to sign up for The 14 Day Reset in hopes of correcting several health issues I had been experiencing. My jobs have always required me to work odd shifts and days off, which caused my diet to suffer. I had expressed to Monica that I was having challenges with my stomach and was also feeling very sluggish and lethargic. My weight has not been a major problem, but It couldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds.

Monica and Brian’s background in weight lifting and nutrition made me all the more confident that I would be in good hands. I did this reset to find the things that irritated my stomach a discover foods that I should avoid. I did not expect to receive more than just a guide through the reset. I had support throughout the whole process and was also given access to an app that gave me many tools and recipe ideas.

My experience with the reset was easier than expected because Monica and Brian worked with me to prepare not only my kitchen, but my mindset. The major positives in this reset was not only did I feel like a new person with so much natural energy, but my sleep was now sound and uninterrupted. My taste buds were enhanced, and I lost weight and inches off my waist.

I still continue to pay closer attention to my eating habits and am proud to report I no longer drink soda. I would highly recommend The 14 Day Reset for anyone who is serious about changing their eating habits and feel great with their overall health.