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Hello and Welcome to Life Fit Love

We are Monica and Brian Leggett. Both of us being certified health and life coaches, we work with individuals who are seeking to re-balance the physical and emotional dimensions in their lives. Our system is designed to help guide you in creating the life and health habits you have always desired, without feeling restricted and forced to exercise in the gym, especially if that type of movement is not what you enjoy. This process is about making a 1% shift toward your goal every day.

We have been married for 12 years, together for 15. Our family includes our two fur babies Milli and Kingston who fill our hearts with so much love and adventure. We can’t imagine life without them. When we met there was an instant connection we could not resist. Brian and I had so many things in common; one, in particular, was coming from an athletic background. I was a distance runner and Brian enjoyed his weight lifting. Throughout our years together we have supported one another through the half and full marathons, bodybuilding competitions, and whatever other challenge sounded fun. At various times in our lives, we have both been struck with our own health issues and are blessed to have made those experiences a positive outcome.

One of our greatest accomplishments together was becoming wish grantors for Make A Wish Foundation in 2013. This was something dear to Brian’s heart and I was all in. Knowing that we are taking every step together to support one another in our health and life goals is something to be cherished.

I am sure you are wondering what moved us to become health and life coaches? Well, anyone who knows us understands how passionate we are about health and fitness. Many people have approached us in the past to give them a workout or nutrition plan. We quickly noticed that the workout and meal plans were not sustainable and they found themselves going back to their old habits. This was so difficult to witness because we genuinely wanted them to succeed in reaching their goals.

Finally, we had our aha moment and realized it’s not about the perfect nutrition or workout plan. It is coming from a deeper place…THE MINDSET!


Complimentary 60 Minute Discovery Call

What happens during the discovery call?

  • Uncover what’s been stopping or slowing you down from reaching your health goals.
  • Develop a powerful vision for what your healthiest self, inside and out, looks like.
  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are not in alignment with your desires.
  • Get clear on a step by step plan to feel re-balanced physically and emotionally.

Life Fit Love

Was created by the three things we are very passionate about. Our vision was to develop a safe space for those seeking support and guidance to break free from their old behaviors and create a new healthy and happy lifestyle. We have faith in this process not only due to the transformation with our clients but also with ourselves. To be able to fulfill our purpose by helping others and also get to share the same dream with the one you love most is almost unimaginable.